Wild Memories Tv was created and launched in October of 2020. The  television show which airs on THE SPORTSMAN CHANNEL is a collection of  real life stories, trials and tribulations that we as Outdoorsmen and women  experience along the path to our next adventure into the Wild. Filmed, Edited,  and Produced by Chris “Boomer” Davidson the show takes on a life of its  own each and every episode with a new and unique story detailing the life of  a given Hunter, Trapper, Fisherman. Wild Memories always guarantees the  viewers will enjoy a quality produced Outdoor lifestyle television show  focusing on Real People, True Stories, and Raw Emotions. 

Chris “Boomer” Davidson 

 As the Executive Producer of WILD MEMORIES Chris has always tried to  create the show in his own image. A down to earth, patriotic, family first, God  over all things mentality is what has been the corner stone of the Wild  Memories Brand. As an Army Combat Veteran, Boomer has always held  Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honor, and Integrity as the building  blocks not only in his life but also in business. With a background of hunting  and fishing for his entire life and a family deeply rooted in the traditions Chris  launched WILD MEMORIES Tv in hopes to bring a fresh new perspective to  the mundane Outdoor television line up. Instead of using Professional  athletes and unrealistically large animals, Chris decided to bring his show  back to the origins of the Outdoors, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FAITH and WILD  MEMORIES. “I wanted this show to be something that the weekend warrior,  the public land adventurer, The God fearing flag waiving American, the  “average Joe” could sit down for thirty minutes and be able to relate to  because that’s exactly who I am. Its exactly what Im about Keeping America  and its Freedoms Great”